To begin the eviction process a notice must be served, depending on the nature of the claim these notices will require between 14 days to 2 months before phase 2 proceedings may start. Your agent will review your claim and guide you through the most efficient process.

The notices you wish to serve may depend on the reasons you require to seek possession. Our agents will contact you and discuss which is the most suitable notice.

It is essential that when serving a notice it is performed correctly, this is just as important when completing the claim. A notice served incorrectly can cause a claim to fail due to errors made when serving. Our agents will make sure that this key stage is performed correctly in order to allow your claim to progress to phase 2 (Court possession).

If you have already served notice to your tenant privately or through another method, we request you call our agents immediately on 0800 368 8484 to check they have been served correctly and are NOT invalid.





PHASE 1 – The serving of notices i.e. Section 8, 21 or 48.

Serving a notice requires several steps in order to be performed correctly. Our agents will take care of this for you.

Once we have checked all the relevant documentation we can serve notice(s) on your behalf as your agents.


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